Saturday, November 04, 2006

Wash It Out With Soap

An ENORMOUS argument erupted at the neighbors house.

She's mad that he brought his tail in from the night before at 9am. She's the only one I hear clearly. Her man is barely audible. In her anger, every other word begins with 'F'. I do feel a certain degree of compassion for whatever trials the woman must be experiencing but is there anyway that she might be able to clean up her vocabulary?

I'm no judge of her parenting skills. I'm sure she's a wonderful mother but foul-mouthed parents will MAKE foul-mouthed kids.

I'm reminded of how my mother would tell me that she'd wash my mouth out with soap -- to clean up the mean things I'd say. I can't imagine what she'd have to say about my neighbors.

If this post comes off as "mightier-than-thou"... I apologize. I just started my day WONDERFULLY until the neighbors erupted in a cuss-word-storm.

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The Brown Blogger said...

Good luck in dealing with that situation. I wish there was something that could be done, although I'm sure you have a few destructive ideas...