Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Gift You Gave

A couple of years ago, I gave a gift to a friend... naw she's more than that... she's like a sister. Anyway, I created a series of gifts for her for Christmas.

At the time, I had just separated from my ex-husband and had been without him for like four months. Consequently, she had been there for me through every snot-nosed, tears streaming like a river, eyes puffy, nose swollen cry session and passed no judgement on me and the man I was in love with.

Since giving the gift, I haven't duplicated it nor have I felt as sentimental as I did that Christmas season.

One of the gifts I gave, in the series, was a heart-shaped box filled with a hundred questions that I hand-wrote and rolled into seperate scrolls. I'm a fanatic about diaries and journals. The only time she'd start a journal was when she was going through a break-up so to encourage her to keep writing, I did the hundred question thing. That was a gift I wish someone had given me.

What's yours? What's a gift you gave that you wish someone gave to you?


The Brown Blogger said...

brutal honesty

Aziza said...

I wished that my ex-boyfriends would have cared or been more considerate. I wanted that more than the gifts.

Booboo said...

bestfriend i remember that, and will never forget that! i still have my box with about 50 questions left but you are so right i have started 20 new journals since then and we know why.... lol and if you thought those journals was about something boy, this one's about to be crazy!!!!!! smiling and always keeping my head up TO THE LEFT, TO THE LEFT HE MUST NOT KNOW WHO I AM ;0) love and miss you tons.