Sunday, June 18, 2006

10 Things / 10 People

Borrowed from ShellyP on blogspot.

List up to ten (10) things you want to say to ten (10) different people. Do not state who these people are. Do not confirm or deny any "comment speculation".

1. You are so inconsiderate! Folks told me all throughout high school and even through our young adult years that you were inconsiderate. I just believed that you were better than that. You suck!!

2. I'm glad you've found someone. I miss you immensely. Don't know if that makes sense.

3. You really, truly are my dearest friend and I wish we talked more often. Marriage has taken us different places but we will always be the same "down-for-whateva" chicks! LOL

4. Why are you able to attract all the jerks within a 50 mile radius? You're smart, independent, beautiful and so very single... turn off your jerk radar.

5. We all go through tough times in our lives. Marriage is hard work and yall have been together for years.... you'll get through this storm. He could never walk away from you.

6. I wish we could hang out like we used to. What would that be like? LOL... You definitely lived a full life. I still miss ya crazy butt.

7. Regrets. That's all I have for not having taken advantage of all your knowledge while you were living right here in this house.

8. Can't wait til you and your family come home to Hawai'i. Summer fun in the sun... all year round.

9. Your work has changed my life. My relationships with everyone have improved far beyond what I could have imagined. My capacity to feel compassion for everyone I meet has been such a helpful tool. Thank you! My ability to reach my goals has increased far and beyond what I thought was possible.

10. There will never be another. I love you.

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The Brown Blogger said...

Have you said these things to thoe people yet or is this the first time you put this out in the universe?