Thursday, December 01, 2005

I Want My Blogger!!

I'm still on Yahoo360... but I miss BLOGGER... lol

I prefer this format over 360... though I will probably attend to both. The audiences are quite different as was mentioned in the comment section. So I suppose I will make a comeback here on blogger.


Roney Smith said...


Thanks for your comment on Kirk Franklin's appearance on Oprah yesterday and I responded along with Shavar there (

I agree with this blog entry about the differences between Blogger and Yahoo! 360. The differences are like night and day while using both at the same time is just as cool.

I created a feed for my Blogger entries to appear within my feeds on Y! 360 and it appears to work well.

I still create new entries for the 360 page since the other entries are automatically added.

I will begin to read your past posts in both locations;)

So keep adding your thoughts!


ShellyP said...

Glad you're not gone altogether.

Me said...

I tried to play around on 360... just wasn't my cup 'o tea.