Thursday, September 15, 2005

Hawaiian Mind

Ancient Hawaiian theory on the mind is that there are three levels.
  1. Subconscious or the LOW SELF
  2. Conscious or the MIDDLE SELF
  3. Superconscious or the HIGH SELF

Most of us operate strictly with our conscious mind. Some of us dabble with the subconscious or at least acknowledge its existence. Yet, very few of us have the capacity to accept that God has placed a part of THEM in us and we find this at the highest level.

The subconscious or the LOW SELF is very complex. The term LOW is in reference to being beneath the surface, not as level of importance. It records EVERYTHING. It is our MEMORY. This part of our existence is the TRUE director behind ALL our actions and emotions.

The conscious mind, our MIDDLE SELF is in relation to the senses. Sight, Sound, Scent, Taste, Touch, our ability to reason. This MIDDLE SELF is an energy body, whereas the low self is an etheric body, metaphysical OR a shadow.

The superconscious, our HIGH SELF is our connection to GOD. It is the link to divine heritage. It is the link to other high selves, our ancestors, infinite wisdom and intelligence.

Prayer and meditation help to GROW our higher selves. When we pray for insight or solutions to our day to day problems, we allow the God in us to work its magic. Folks may call this line of thinking, blasphemy. I think it's God's perfect order of things and an affirmation that I truly AM a child of God. A portion of HIM AND HER reside in me.


G. Cornelius said...

Dig that...I'll keep you posted

Nina MM said...

Interesting, Neena. I don't think I would ever call it blasphemy...maybe more analogous. But never blasphemy.

At any rate, it was beautifully stated.

The Brown Blogger said...

I am still a student, and I learned another facet of the nature of God by reading your post.

I'll take this with me and keep it.

A lesson learned about self.

Keep teaching.