Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Some Random Facts...

I know I didn't have to do it... but I was reading Chele's Blog and well... she said... if you're reading it... you're tagged. So I guess I'm it and I needed to put something in this blog anyway.

Movie you watched: ummm.... Hustle and Flow... date night a couple of weeks ago
Movie you bought : Pretty In Pink
Song you listened to: I Want You... Erykah
CD you bought : Stevie Wonders greatest hits
CD you listened to : Erykah Badu, Mama's Gun
Person you've called : Summer
Person that's called you : Summer
TV show you watched :
some infomercial on TV lastnight

You have a crush on someone : no... I'm in love with my husband!
You wish you could live somewhere else : sometimes... i'd like to move either to australia or somewhere in the south pacific... real soon
You believe in online dating : i guess. what's the definition?
You want more piercings : i've always wanted my eyebrow pierced... but i don't think it will happen.
You like roller coasters : love 'em
You write in cursive or print : depends on my mood

Long distance relationships : it can work... and it DEFINITELY builds some character
People : huh?
Gay/lesbian relationships : whatever makes them happy... we're all children of God

Ever cried over a boy: yep yep.... but that's sooo HIGH SCHOOL. lol
Ever cried over a girl : sure... all my really good friends... we've shed tears together.
Ever lied to someone : **smirk**
Ever been in a fist fight : dont think i've ever been in one. if i have... it was me breaking it up and telling folks how stupid they are for needing to fight

Shampoo do you use : kandesn... it's organic
Shoes do you wear : flip flops most of the time
Are you scared of : not much scares me... sometimes tasks are overwhelming

of times I have been in love? : twice
of times I have had my heart broken? : once
of hearts I have broken? : just one, i think... maybe two
of times my name has appeared in the paper? : couple of times... i was a track star in high school... had a big ole pic in there as well... also... i wrote to the editor a lot.
of things in my past that I regret? :
live and learn... try not to REGRET

DO YOU THINK YOU ARE...Pretty : pretty... i dont know about that...
Funny : i do alright
Hot : i sure am... i got the AC on ... ok... that was corny... LOL
Friendly : try to be
Amusing : i can be
Ugly : i can be
Loveable : ohhhhh definitely!
Caring : yep... if you're worth caring for. LOL
Sweet : some of the time
Dorky : ahhh.... sure... sometimes

FAVORITE...4 letter word : love
Actor/actress : Today: terence howard... just saw hustle and flow & jasmine guy... i love the showtime series Dead Like Me
Cartoon : all time fave is the Flintstones... but i never see it anymore
Cereal : corn flakes
Chewing gum : winterfresh eclipse
Color(s) : RED
Day of the week : Friday
Least fave day : a day that i'm not doing anything
Flower : yellow plumeria, "magic" hibiscus, red roses
Jelly flavor : grape, strawberry, passion fruit
Jewelry : my black pearl pendant
Summer/Winter :
there are things to love in both seasons

Slept in your bed : me and husband
Saw you cry : my dad
Made you cry : husband
Yelled at you : all the kids that are around me from time to time... they harrass me. LOL
Sent you an email: my aunt in Georgia

Said "I love you" and meant it? : all the time
Kept a secret from everyone : not from everyone... someone usually knows
Cried during a movie : absolutely
Planned your week based on the TV : oh hell no
Been backstage : sure
Been to New York : yep
Been to California : yep
Hawaii : this is where i am
China : nope... plan to get there one day
Canada : nope... haven't been that far up north
Europe : nope
Asia : nope
South America : nope
Africa : nope but i'd love to go
What time is it now? : 735pm, Monday, 22 August 2005

This or That?..
Apples or bananas? : bananas
Blue or red? : red
Walmart or Target? : Target
Spring or Fall? : Fall

What are you gonna do after you finish this? : go to Summer's house to eat chicken and mushroom linguine
Was the last meal you ate? : some hot dogs... yuckky... but the power went out today and couldn't prepare something healthy
Are you bored? : nope
Last noise you heard? : wind in the trees
Last smell you sniffed? : the ocean

Friendship/Love...Do you believe in love at first sight? : ABSOLUTELY
Do you want children one day & if so, how many? : yes... ideally 4... but i'll take whatever my Heavenly Father blesses me with
Most important thing to you in a friendship is : trust and honesty and mutual respect... that's with ANY relationship

Other Info ...
Do you speak any other languages? : yes
Last book you read? : Fit For Life
Thing in your bedroom you like? : LOL... all my reading material on the night stand
Your Nickname(s) : BABY(parents call me this), neeroC (my birth name backwards),
neena(spin off of previous nick), 'reen
Initials : CKPW... lol
How old do you act? : 119
Glasses/Contacts : glasses
Braces : nope
Do you have any pets? : yes
You get embarrassed : rarely... but even if i were, you'd never know it. HAHAHA... it takes a whole lot to embarrass me. i have a way of flipping it.
What makes you happy? : my relationships... with God, with my husband, with my family... and any other relationships you can think of
What upsets you? : ignorance

Finish the sentence...
I Love to... be in love and spread that sunshine with everybody
I Miss... my nieces and nephew in michigan
I Am Annoyed by... ignorance! People who perpetuate dysfunctional cycles.
I Want to be... a mother one day. That permeates my thoughts lately.
I Would Never... say never.
I Am Tired of... being tired.
I Will Always...
look for new and interesting things to alter my thinking through education... sounds like a mission statement for some kinda college. LOL


WIP said...

Wow. That was some meme. I LOL at you when you said that crying over a boy is so high school. Then I read further along and the last person to make you cry was: husband. Oops. I guess love 'il' do strange and wonderful things to us huh?

Take care.

Chele said...

QQ @ 119
We gonna have to get you up outta that rocking chair, gramma. lol

NeenaLove said...

@proactiff... husband is no longer a boy. LOL... he's a man... so the last time i cried over a boy was in high school.

@chele... picked the number out of the proverbial hat.