Friday, August 05, 2005

5 Thangs List

Ten Years Ago
I was 20... and had all kinds of problems in my life.

Five Years Ago
I was in a marriage that was failing fast.

One Year Ago
I was battling the U.S. Army for my husbands life.

I turned thirty... and really it's just another day.

Today is going to be a good day... even though I woke up feeling like there's a demon in my belly... I musta ate something bad yesterday... actually I know I did. But it's going to be a productive day. I just know it.

I hope to be hanging out at the beach all day long.

Five Snacks I Enjoy
1. low-sodium sunflower seeds
2. watermelon
3. soy chips
4. cantaloupe
5. cherries

Five Bands I Know All The Words To Their Music
1. bob marley and the wailers
2. new edition
and that's all i can think of

Five Things I Would Do With $1,000,000
invest, invest, invest, invest and invest

Five Lodations I Would Like To Run Away To
MALTA... going there in february

Five Bad Habits
1. over critical of my husband
2. over critical of my mother
3. bossy
4. loud
5. blunt

Five Things I Like Doing
1. talking
2. meeting folks
3. playing pictionary or ANY games with my family
4. singing
5. eating

Five TV Shows I Like
1. thats so raven
2. cosby show
3. judge mathis
4. judge judy
5. peoples court

Five Famous People I'd Like To Meet
i'm not really big on celebrities... they come, they go. they have no significant role in my life.

Five Biggest Joys At This Moment
1. husband
2. my nieces and nephews, of course
3. financial knowledge
4. service

Five Favorite Toys
1. my laptop
2. my desktop
3. my brothers
4. one of those punchie balloons that you win at a fair
5. microsoft access... i'm learning it


Aziza said...

I love that video playing on the Media Player. What's the name of the song? And what's the name of the group singing it? It's such a beautiful song.

Also, I love this bog.

NeenaLove said...

ADEAZE sings the song, A LIFE WITHOUT YOU. they're a polynesian group out of new zealand. click here to read about the group and the album that this song is on. i believe the money is in new zealand currency.

Ladynay said...

Happy Belated Birthday

Ms. B said...

Hey Neenabeena!!! I love your 5 things list... I may make my own... lol