Friday, July 01, 2005

I Love Luther

I can't believe he's gone. Luther's music has seen me thru some hard times... and good times as well. I have nothing profound to say about the artist. I just know that if there were a soundtrack for my life... Luther appears all between 1985 and 2005. Twenty years is a long time.

There are so many Luther songs that I enjoy... can't pick just one. It's impossible. I love me some BIG LUTHER! He will be missed!


Aziza said...

Yup. Luther will never be forgotten. We will remember him always. He will live on in our hearts through his music.

Anonymous said...

Luther is an artist that you can't compare to another. Even though many people, including myself, don't know Luther personally, he will be missed dearly

WIP said...

I heard on the radio this morning that if they were to play all Luther's songs, they could play them for over 24 hours without ever repeating one. Yes, I enjoyed "Big" Luther (a la Ced-The-Entertainer).

Tiff' said...

Isn't it weird how when an artist passes away you feel like you lost a family member. Sometimes you actually mourn for that person.
When I started listening to TuPac - He passed, then I started listening to Biggie - then he passed. I moved to R&B and started listening to Aaliyah - she passed. I was almost feeling like I was jinxing my fav artists by loving them. Then I had to come back to reality and remember DUH! That is life. Death is a part of life. No WooDoo powers for this girl. :)

YouToldHarpoTaBeatMe said...

Know whatcha mean....if I could set my life to music, a whole lotta "LUTHA" would be sprinkled up in it.

Just this weekend, I went to a cookout. Everyone was laughing, talking, slamming bones, talking trash.....until...."If Only for One Night" came on. Men found their wives and girlfriends, and suddenly the patio turned into a dance floor.