Saturday, March 26, 2005

Soul Mates?

What is a soul mate?

The term is used so loosely that the original beauty of the concept is lost.

Out of billions and billions of people, how can JUST ONE man complete me? What are the odds of running into that person? Is our coincidental meeting destined in the stars? Was it written before time that I'd love just one man? Well, I'm not here to answer these questions... those were just rhetorical.

All through my first marriage, I believed desperately that he was THE ONE. He was that ONE MAN that could complete me. I believed, past tense, that my first husband was my soul mate. The man that connected to me on every level. Is that what a soul mate is? A connection? If that defines the term then it is safe to assume that our soul mates could be of the same gender? I don't know.

My first marriage ended in divorce. That connection between he and I was lost the minute we signed those papers. My ideas on living with and loving my soul mate had vanished. Cuz if he truly was my soul mate, we would have made it through ANY storm. So I came to the conclusion that 1 - either he wasn't my soul mate or 2 - the concept DID NOT exist.

My ex has served his purpose in my life. He wasn't my soul mate. That's for sure. I guess I can chalk it up as a learning experience. It really was. The hurt he caused me occasionally creeps up into my current relationship. I have to beat back all that hurt. Surely I cannot bring that baggage into what I have now. The man I love now should not be accountable for my hurt from the past.

L.A.W. makes me believe in soul mates cuz he just may be mine. Only after an eternity of being together can we really know if we were made for each other. I'm excited about our journey together cuz I believe in him as he believes in me. Thank you Lord for sending me my hero.


ShellyP said...

I don't know what a soul mate is. But I sure know my husband and I are like a hand in a glove. I don't believe there is just one person who would be perfect for me either. How could that be? Like you, I thank God every day for sending me my baby, my love.

NeenaLove said...

shellyp... we are definitely on the same page with that. i'm just so grateful everyday. when he's deep in slumber and i look at him... i get these butterflies in my belly -- as excited as i was when he and i first met. **sigh**

Jdid said...

I dont believe in soulmates either for the simple fact that I've had about three relationships where someone mentioned that term to me. Actually because of my experiences its now one of those words that I really dislike.

I am glad the lord sent you someone though.

MaryO. said...

Soulmate is something that I believe can only be finalized after one's life is said and done. I believe that "Life Partner" even though a rarely used set of words would be what I would use as a more realistic goal for my next love quest. So many places and people in this world, I could search 3 lifes over for a soulmate. But as usual NeenaL and ShellyP, I am glad that you all have allowed that person that you have to find you...that's special

NeenaLove said...

jdid... thanks for stopping by. i'm beginning to believe in the idea of soul mates. we all go through our experiences and hopefully we come out of them all the better. keep on truckin'.

maryO... life partner sounds good. i like that better. thanks for the love.