Monday, July 02, 2018

Red Raider Soul Releases Football Schedule

I did the graphic work on this.
Thanks Red Raider Soul!!!

In Red Raider Nation... we're serious about our football team.
Even though I'm so far away, I still feel connected by working on banners and publications for Kahuku.


Unknown said...

I love this poster. I really do but for one player #43 Sione Maui who graduated this year c/o 2018. The other players are seniors and will be playing this coming season. If you don't mind changing #43 with #2 Duke Heffernan who made an impact last year and he'll definitely leave his mark this year. I definitely LOVE this poster w/ Duke in it and love to know I can get one. Beause I think its gonna take "TEAM" effort & this SENIOR boys/team are very close to bring back the KOA TROPHY!

NeenaLove said...

Hey. Thanks for your feedback. I just did the graphics for this. The entity that ordered this from me provided the info. I passed along the message and will update you if and when we make the change. Thanks for stopping by.