Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Dreamscape: Cross My Mind

I was alone, walking on a grassy road. When I looked back I saw you in the distance. Your distinct silhouette stood out to me. White v-neck shirt, black shorts, white socks, black shoes. You were having a conversation with someone. And when I looked back at you, you looked up, and we made eye contact. I don't think you knew me but it seemed you had a glimmer of recognition. It was like you wanted to tell me, "Do I know you from somewhere?" But you were too far away from me and I, I couldn't wait anymore.

The wind blew in the trees. The green leaves shook gently. The road ahead was unclear, almost a blur. But I kept walking toward the great unknown wanting desperately for you to follow me. It was as if our timelines were crossing for the first time except we both knew that we had met in another lifetime and would probably meet again in future incarnations.


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