Wednesday, August 05, 2015

40 Year Old Manifesto

I turned 40 today.

A new decade in my life is beginning.

This new event horizon, coupled with certain interactions in the past couple of weeks has led me to ponder on things that really matter to me. I haven't the time nor the inclination to deal with silly relationships-slash-friendships-slash-energyLeeches.

Small-minded people deserve everything they have or do not have. As for me, I no longer have time for the gossip of insignificant people or the gossip of people who gossip with insignificant people. I must reduce my circle of people that I associate with to remove the toxicity of gossiping energy leeches.

I come from such a genuine place in my heart. My desire to serve people is paramount above personal gain. To hear that people would misinterpret that is disappointing and sad and I no longer have time to entertain such people. People only suspect things they are guilty of - things that their mind conjures up is exactly what they suspect of others. My hope is that people who associate with me feel love and good energy and when we part, I hope that they will leave feeling hopeful and feeling a sense of unconditional love.

Turning 40 has caused me to look at my life and want more for it - wanting to be healthy and wanting very much to have the best quality of life as I age. Why it has taken me a lifetime to actually put in motion the act of getting healthy is beyond me. Perhaps it's the loss of one of my best friends from high school. She suffered for so long. It all started last May when she was hospitalized for heart failure. While at Wahiawa General Hospital, the doctors ran tests and found that she had cancer. She donned her angel wings on July 18, 2015. I am still processing the hows and whys of it all. Rest in Eternal Love, Mele Sungu Tonga Ha'unga.
So I guess it's time, f'real, to get healthy. I choose happiness for all the days of my life; a life of health surrounded by positive people; a life of bounty and continual prosperity. But most of all, I choose love unconditional. 

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