Monday, January 28, 2013

HECO, You Make Me Sick

I hate that Hawai'i is victim to a total monopoly of energy by Hawaiian Electric Company, better known as HECO. HECO has been savvy enough to keep any competition out of the islands. We live in a state surrounded by so many sources of energy. I think it's high time we invited more purveyors of energy to help reduce the cost of energy to people who live in Hawai'i.

New energy resources that can work for Hawai'i:

1. Photovoltaic energy
This is high cost for the consumer on the front end but pays itself off in the long run and has the potential to pull you off the grid. Being off the grid is ideal. Photovoltaic cells are solar cells meaning it produces/gets energy from the sun.

I met an employee of HECO who has his roof stacked with photovoltaic cells. If I remember correctly, he pays $15 per month for energy and that's because he is tapped into the grid. If he pulled himself off HECO's grid, he wouldn't have to pay anything. The cells charges several batteries and the batteries powers the home. He said you can get by an entire week without sun and still be able to power your basic appliances/lighting.

2. Wind Energy
The Kahuku wind farm has been in operation for at least a year now and I have not seen a drop in electric rates. All the corporations got paid... from the manufacturer to the people shipping the goods... yet the end user gets stuck with ridiculous charges. Annoying!

3. Wave Energy
Seems ridiculous that HECO would not harness the ocean all around us to convert the tides into energy.

HECO: You make me sick with your ridiculous prices. There's no excuses for it. Corporatocracy at its worst or best... depends on whose side you're on.

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