Thursday, October 18, 2012

15 Relevant Facts

My most recent pic... me and the hubby on our staycation in WAIKS

15 Relevant Facts ABOUT ME:
1. I have totally OUTGROWN this tattoo on my right leg. A rash decision to get it done has pained me and left me with NOTHING but the opportunity to GRIN & BEAR IT. Yes, young people, this could be you in a few years -- regretting the tattoo. Don't do it! It's more original to NOT have any tattoos than it is to have tattoos. Exercise some restraint.

2. I joined Weight Watchers two weeks ago. My first week I lost 2.8 pounds. Later today will be my second week weigh-in. I hope I lost a pound or 2, even though 3 would be better. I am so inspired by Jennifer Hudson. Amazing! Those "I Believe in You and Me" commercials really has me going. Also, several of my co-workers have been talking about it for years and I'm finally giving in to it. Hopefully I can exercise some restraint on the amount of food I eat.

3. I am very impatient in my personal life but has patience for days at work. Is anyone else like that?

4. I am in serious need of a makeover. My hair really needs some work. I don't know why my husband is so infatuated with long hair. I mean, I get it but man -- he ain't the one taking care of it or having to fix it every morning. I been wanting to cut it real short... like a bob or something and he is not agreeing with me. BUMMERS!! We'll see though... if the opportunity presents itself, I'm ALL IN for cutting my hair short.

5. PET PEEVE of the moment: having a code of ethics and standards that everyone at work has agreed to; student, faculty and staff... and majority of them ARE NOT adhering to its policy. **sigh** DISCOURAGING.

6. I have a serious addiction to reading books on KINDLE. It is one of my most pleasurable activities of the day.

7. Lately I have such affection for country music. Blake Shelton tickles my fancy. LOL

8. I get extreme pleasure from working up a sweat in the yard. I love to weed and dig up the yard... cutting the grass with the week whacker and alllll that!

9. I have found affection for working up a sweat in the gym also. Elliptical is my best friend, as is the Stair Master!

10. Favorite outfit for work: black slacks, purple paisley top w/ purple crop sweater 3/4 length sleeve... easy!

11. I am looking for a dependable car to buy. More recent than 2004 and nothing higher than 50k mileage.

12. Favorite color lately::::: PINK, Fuschia... just makes me smile.

13. I miss having my husband work for DELTA... I wish he would go back so I can hop on a flight to anywhere in the world for minimal cost. I miss it!! Really -- I wouldn't mind going back to Japan for some tonkatsu... ahhhh... I miss the food in Japan!

14. I wouldn't mind if husband worked for Hawaiian Airlines. That wouldn't be too shabby either.

15. Until this morning, I hadn't touched coffee in a good two weeks. That's a record!

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evotia said...

#2- did it with no regrets. Pure science.
#4 -my hubs is the same. been researching short styles for months now. Im thinking side bang short bob in RED!
#8 - Im getting there!
#12- ditto! Bright oranges, teals, pinks, and purple are calling me!
#15- I'm on day 5 no coffee. I put myself on a 90 day challenge. I was drinking a pot a day. Have since switched to All kinds of teas.
Loved this post of urs!!