Sunday, July 15, 2012

August 2012 Issue of O Magazine

So has anyone seen the cover of the August issue of The O Magazine? Oprah is on the cover wearing a stellar color combo outfit that happens to be the colors featured on my new blog banner. Did I pick that out of the stream of consciousness that's out in the atmosphere or what? Very cool and so worthy of a mention on the blog.

I wanted to point out, though, the cost of the outfit. Granted, it's Oprah and she can afford stuff like this but as much as I love that outfit I don't have the means right now. She probably didn't have to pay for the items either because the designer just wants some exposure. I totally get it!

I love her pose in the shot and I absolutely adore the color combo. The shoes are an interesting pairing with the outfit and I absolutely love Oprah's styling.

According to the Shop Guide on page 171, here is the itemized shopping list for the outfit:
The total of Oprah's cover outfit could really, truly pay off my car note. Wow!! What industry can I get into that will allow me to don the finest clothing and the finest jewelry?

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Ui said...

you could totally sew that yourself! lol. well...the skirt is prolly easy...haven't made my way to making shirts quite yet...but i love her shoes!