Friday, January 27, 2012

5 Weekend To-Do's

To-Do #1: USS MISSOURI is supposed to be free on Saturday, 1/28/2012 for Kama'aina. My father went there on a department retreat for his job and he said it was a really good tour. Normally, entrance with tours costs about $65. It's on my TO-DO list!!

To-Do #2: BEACH, BEACH, BEACH. The weather man is forecasting rain, rain, rain but the past couple of days have been gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Hot and humid days, no trade winds... that spells out BEACH DAY for me.

To-Do #3: Homework. I am busting my butt to complete this Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy. My last course begins in February. I'll be done by April. I can hardly believe it!!

To-Do #4: Yard Attention. I need to pay attention to our yard. I've been trying for months to start my herb and vegetable garden. Since the beginning of the year, my popps and I have been juicing. This has prompted me to save a few bucks by raising our own vegetables and herbs for the purpose of consumption.

To-Do #5: I'm getting one monkey off my back. I am going to almost completely eliminate my BEST BUY Credit Card debt. I'm so excited! By Summer, I will be debt free aside from my car and a few student loans. Yayyyy for husband and I.

Have an awesome weekend everybody!!

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evotia said...

sounds like a fun wknd! debt free? my dream! i focused on it big time last year and knocked a hefty chunk. hoping to continue that trend this year. congrats!