Monday, January 02, 2012

2012=HEALTH for Me

There's a funny thing that happens at the end of the year.... we feel the need to change and to make those resolutions. I like to think that I do it on a weekly basis. I am pretty good about decluttering. I do it often enough to be a regular on the donations pick-up route by the Kidney Foundation and the Boys & Girls Club.

I am dedicating 2012 to rethinking and redoing my approach to health. I know a lot about health. I need to be about it and improve the quality of my life now and in the future. I am letting this Jennifer Hudson/Weight Watchers ad be my inspiration!

Another inspiration for 2012 is this blog:
A Black Girl's Guide to Weight Loss

Keep me accountable.
Today, I start this journey at a whopping 265 pounds. I'm so comfortable in my own skin that, at first, weight loss wasn't for cosmetic reasons. It was for health. Since I seen the Jennifer Hudson commercial above... I'm inspired to look better and be healthier.

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CoogieCruz said...

I am on this journey with you. I need to loose weight and I am starting off not too far below you. We can do it!