Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pic + 10 Facts

I think this is one of the more recent pictures of me with my dear husband. This year makes 8 years of wedded bliss. Well... I don't know if it has been all blissful but our passion in our fights exist also in our love.

For this challenge, I am supposed to post a picture with 10 facts about myself. I am having the toughest time thinking up 10 interesting things about me. I mean, my life is strewn across this blog like a wide open book. I don't mind that everyone knows so much about me but it just makes me less of a mystery.

1. I am quite impatient. I've been that way since I was a child. It's weird how I've just noticed that about myself. With all the family that has been in and out of our house over the last couple of months, that feeling of impatience has really come forward. My sister was here and it was so refreshing to have her come and know exactly what needs to be done without me needing to tell her. My impatience with the rest of my family... **sigh**...was and is unnerving.

2. I feel like my creativity has been dormant for so long. That is my newest realization of self -- that I have let my creativity go to sleep. I look forward to dreaming big again and putting my creativity to full use. It's okay to believe that all things are possible.

3. I am thoroughly in love with my nieces and nephews. I can't even imagine what life would be like if I had my own children. In a conversation with my aunt a couple weeks ago, I told her that the biggest risk for me having children is that I know they would break my heart. In terms of children, my aunt and I identified that the "risk" of bearing children is not greater than the joy of becoming a parent.... and I'm ready. But I'll also be okay if I never do bear children. Either way -- I'm ready. :-)

4. I have a growing affinity for tea and coffee. It's true! My father tells me that his grandparents drank coffee often. I think that "memory" has been passed down through genetics because my father loves it too and I just recently found out that my niece likes it too. Go figure. Due to religious upbringing, coffee is frowned upon. For whatever reasons they are, I can't call it. I love the taste. I love to sip on a hot drink usually all day long and hot water just doesn't do it for me. Tea -- I have several different varieties. If I'm relying on my "genetic memory" theory then I suppose I can credit my Chinese ancestors for this. In many Asian cultures, tea and the service of tea is an art form. I love the different flavors that come from different teas and herbs, both sweet and savory.

5. I love the sunshine AND the rain! Septembers in Hawai'i are absolutely gorgeous. Blue, blue, blue skies and white puffy clouds, turquoise oceans and white sand beaches. Even with all of this beautiful weather, I still love the rain. I love how green everything is after the rain. The air is clean and crisp and everything springs into life. Water, any kind of water is just so cleansing. My life is similar to this because I appreciate the good times and the bad times... all are lessons.

6. I sometimes think I may have Attention Deficit Disorder... lol. Often times, especially when I'm sitting in a lecture, I need something else to do besides listen to the lecture. If there's wifi available, I fire up my laptop and get busy blogging (this is what I'm doing right now) or working on something. No wifi? I break out my journal and start writing or my sketchbook and start sketching. Journal not available? Text! I am this way even if I'm sitting in a church service. I find that I learn so much more when my hands are engaged. In a class I took I found out that this is quite normal and many learners fall under this category.

7. Just a few years ago, I hated the color pink. Now it has become my FAVORITE color. I don't like the pastel pink. I like HOT PINK, FUSCHIA, MAGENTA... the hot stuff! I have several blouses and dresses and jackets that are pink, pink, pink.

8. I just recently discovered a youtube converter that converts videos into an mp3. I absolutely love it. Some of my favorite songs that can't be found on itunes or amazon can be found on youtube. So grateful for the brainiacs on the planet who think up this stuff.

9. I used to read a novel every week or two. That has dropped off significantly but since the closing of Borders Books, I was able to pick up some novels at a bargain price. Sometimes mindless fiction is such a stress reliever!

10. Something else that I have discovered about myself is that I have an oral fixation. I think that is what made smoking such a normal part of my day. I kicked tobacco about 5-1/2 years ago. I will never go back! I have replaced smoking with gum and sometimes sunflower seeds. I also like to munch during lectures (see #6).

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