Thursday, March 17, 2011

Here Kitty

The other night a cat showed up at our house. He/She (I haven't checked the sex of the cat yet. I think she looks pregnant.) walked right up to me and weaved between my legs. You know the way cats do. "Ziggy", my name for this cat, rubbed up against my right leg then between my legs to rub up against my left leg.

I love cats. I have always loved cats. They have these soulful eyes that seem to see beyond what our human eyes see. They are very different from dogs whose eyes reflect innocence... at least in my opinion.

I am standing there, outside on our back lanai that is doubling as our kitchen for now since we are renovating, and I stared into Ziggy's eyes.

I asked him/her, "Do I know you?"

He/she stared back at me, "Meow."

I've been talking about getting a cat for a couple of months now. Not only does it help with the "pest" control but I just love the low-maintenance of a cat. Just for your information... this is NOT a house cat. This cat is an outdoor cat so no "potty training" or anything like that. I fed her... I finally went and checked and Ziggy is a "her" and I think she's pregnant. For whatever reason she showed up at my house and made herself comfortable -- she's still here and I'm glad that she is.

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