Saturday, February 19, 2011

Photo Blog: Pike Public Market, Seattle, Washington

Seattle's Pike Public Market has so much to offer in terms of photo-ops. There were several photographers on site and even a few film makers setting up their scenes. It was much too cold for me to catch some of the other vendors at the market but hopefully I will be able to make it back here when it's warmer.

This is my mom's favorite so I will probably be taking a cooler home.

Lots and lots of seafood but it's cheaper at home.... even the salmon.

Plum and Apricot hybrid?

This is the most gorgeous produce display I have ever seen. The contrasting colors caught my eye.

Puget Sound

So glad that my husband is always a willing subject for my serious photo hobby. :-)

He makes my heart skip a beat...


evotia said...

Enjoyed the pics. Especially the crab. I have fond memories with family at the pier chomping on fresh steamed crab. Do you guys get down with the crab back like us? That was preferred over the legs in our house. Mmm craving it now!

Ui said...

i love seattle! lets plan a trip in august for the salmon run!!!! i've always wanted to see that!