Tuesday, November 16, 2010

San Francisco Tourists

Our daytrip to San Francisco was fun. Husband and I tooled around like tourists. We had a great time on the BART. It is so convenient!!

Golden Gate Bridge from Alcatraz Island... wonderful!

 A portion of the Bay Bridge and the San Francisco skyline... taken from Alcatraz Island.

 The Bay Bridge -- taken from the Ferry Building, Port of San Francisco. It was truly a beautiful day!

 Me @ Alcatraz Island... It was super-duper HOT. I was thinking it was going to be cool in San Fran at this time of year. I was soooo wrong!

 A beautiful path on Alcatraz Island. I think I'm getting better at the whole photography thing. :-) I did not edit this photo at all.

 Gorgeous shot... looks like it should be a jigsaw puzzle or something. I love this picture!

 Alcatraz Island shot of the Bay Bridge. Really beautiful.

 Love this photo!

 What a wonderful place to eat. To the left of this shot was a huge skating rink, sponsored by Hawaiian Airlines. Very interesting.

 Fisherman's Wharf... a standard of San Francisco Tourism. 

 Gorgeous skyline!

 I had all the settings correct on my camera to get such a blue sky and beautiful colors. I did not edit this shot at all. I love it!!

 These bathroom stations were so convenient. I did not have to wander around looking for a toilet.

San Francisco has some gorgeous architecture. Next trip to San Francisco will include a walk through the city and maybe Chinatown to catch all the interesting buildings.


Unknown said...

I LOVE San Francisco! When I was in college I went to this Native/indigenous sunrise ceremony on Alcatraz that was AMAZING. Not sure if they still do it, but it was an incredible experience. I bet you would love it. ;)

The Songer said...

Lucky you! I saw from FB that you also traveled First class! Thats always fun! I love SFO and love being a tourist in the city!

Nice shots!