Monday, November 15, 2010

San Fran, Here We Come

Today, husband and I are celebrating our 7th Wedding Anniversary. Originally we were planning to go to New York City to play tourist around Manhattan for a couple days. That didn't pan out. It's funny how those plans unraveled the morning of. We were watching The Today show and saw all the newscasters bundled up in their coats, boots, gloves, and scarves. Suddenly, it dawned on husband and I that we got rid of alllllll our winter gear when we left the mainland in May. Needless to say, since I hate being cold and we have no real winter-wear, we nixed the trip to NYC.

Instead, we're flying out to San Francisco this evening on the red-eye. We should pull into San Francisco International early in the A.M. We're going to run around Fisherman's Wharf, maybe catch a ferry to Alcatraz, snap some shots of the Golden Gate Bridge and all the colors in Chinatown. Who knows what we have in store for the day. By late afternoon, we'll be back on the plane heading back to Hawai'i. Happy Anniversary to husband and I. The end of the 7-year itch... or so they say.

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