Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Home In the Now

I've been home for exactly one week now. I am loving every, single minute of it. I love the weather. Cool breezes and warm temperatures are always the right remedy for my homesick heart. The moisture in the air and the beautiful ocean has brought so much peace to my heart.

I've been neglecting the blog but have been writing avidly in my "real" journal. Some things that I write about are just meant to be private and just for my review at a later period.... but now that I'm totally and wonderfully HAPPY in the islands of my birth, I can concentrate on all the things that I love (again).

My husband has been a good sport with my attitude while we were on the continent. I tried to be a supportive wife and for the most part, I was but I know I was a little stinky on occasion. I need to learn to live in the moment and be in the "here and now" rather than thinking of the past. Husband is on the opposite end of the spectrum -- most times, his head is in the future.

Anyway, he chose Hawaii after we found out that Alabama was too much drama and Utah was... well... Utah! lol One great thing about having spent the last nine months on the go is that husband FINALLY knows what I've been telling him about living in Hawai'i... There's no place like it!


The Brown Blogger said...

I really feel them vibes... Great vibes coming from the two of you.

Glad you're back home.

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