Monday, August 31, 2009

Still Moving...

Well, Husband and I are officially MOVED IN to my parent's home.... ugghhhhh.... we're out of our apartment and getting ready to make this move to Alabama. I'm supremely exhausted and ready for life to slow down a bit. My last day of work is looming, Wednesday, September 16th. So far, I heard my employer is dissolving my position. That is such a long story that I will tell on another day. DRAMA!

So anyway, pardon me if my posts are sporadic. I'm still exhausted from having moved out of my apartment and I'm prepping for this move to Alabama.


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achoiceofweapons said...

It sux that your job is ending and that you have to move but I used to live in Huntsville,Alabama. It can be real nice there. Nice in the spring, real winter, real summer. The Humidity will get you!
But it's close to Atlanta, lots of good food and good music!
God Bless!