Friday, June 05, 2009

GRAD Luncheon

My husband receives his undergraduate degree on Saturday. I'm very excited for him. He did it in three years and was just shy of a cum laude degree. That's quite a feat for a man that ended his high school career with a 1.7 GPA. lol...

I planned a little luncheon to celebrate. He is sooo not feeling the party thing but it's such a great accomplishment. He would rather not be the center of attention while I don't fret either way about it. I am very proud of him and am happy to break bread with our closest friends. It's not a huge luncheon. Just a couple of friends and their families ar coming for which I have prepared:
40 pounds of Roast Beef + Gravy
60 pounds of Shoyu Chicken
10 pounds of Rice
50 pounds of Potato Salad

He thinks I'm over-doing it. I think it's average. I want to show him off to the world and celebrate his accomplishment.

Congrats GRAD!

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Ui said...

yay anthony!!!! and yay to the menu! hahahahahaha. thanks for giving me a heads up on the 20 POUNDS of extra "baggage" i'll be inheriting after his party! hahahaha!