Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Seasons Greeting : Island Fever

I'm really excited about spending the holidays in Alabama with my in-laws. I have been suffering from serious island fever! It has just recently dawned on me just how small this place really is. I won't even get into the square mileage of this little island that I live on. Just know that I can do one half of the island in about three or four hours of continuos driving. Toss in the west side of the island and you might get another two from that. In any case, the island is not that big. And the little section that I live on is even smaller! Everybody knows everybody so your business is never just your business.

I know there are thousands of people that would just love to live on this island where the weather is PERFECT all year long. It gets a little humid in the summer and really wet in the winter but overall, it can't be beat! I love it as well for those reasons but today, I'm definitely suffering from island fever.

There is a world of difference when I go on vacation with my folks and going on vacation with my in-laws. With my family, in typical Polynesian tradition, there is NO leisure time. My mother, who hails from Vaitoloa, (Western) Samoa, believes whole-heartedly that her children should be in service at all times. Sleeping in is NEVER an option at my mothers home. There is never an excuse to skip daily chores, not even if you're sick. Of course I'm grateful that she has instilled such a strong work ethic however, she never taught me how to balance that with leisure. I'm finding out that having as much play time as work time is so vital to having a joyful life. We were created to find happiness and joy, not slave over the cleanliness of our homes - even though that's important as well.

In contrast, going to my in-laws is like truly taking a vacation. I never have to lift a finger, even though I do help out around the house. I don't feel guilty for sleeping in or running to the room to lay down and watch some TV. That would be considered totally rude at my mothers home. If I want to stay in my pajama's all day, skip putting on a bra, and brushing my hair, it's quite alright to do so. Once again, totally unacceptable at my mothers home. So I'm looking forward to unwinding in Alabama.

It'll also be nice to be in the cold for Christmas. It's been quite some time since I've been cold on Christmas day. It'll be nice to dress up. I purchased some boots this morning just for this trip cause I don't know when I'll see the occasion to wearing boots here in Hawai'i. I look forward to not sweating while blow-drying my hair. I look forward to not sweating while walking in the mall. I look forward to a nice, cozy fireplace -- which my mother-in-law fires up in the winter. Yay! I look forward to some really good Southern food. I'm so excited!

Island fever has definitely got me this season and I'm so happy to be taking a break from island living. Seasons Greetings!

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