Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Love Your Blog!

My cousin, Uilani... pronounced oooh-wee-lani... gave me the award of I Love Your Blog. So cute!

Here's the way the "Blog Awards" work:

1. Whomever I nominate get to put this same picture on their blog.

2. Link back to me on your post (it's all about getting visits to your own blog and to others).

3. Nominate 5 other blogs.

4. Link up to them.

5. Leave a message (comment) on those blogs to let them know they were nominated.

Here's a list of my 5 favorite blogs, in no particular order. (My cousin who gave me the "I Love Your Blog" is one of my faves but I already linked to her at the top of this post)

2830 -- This blog ALWAYS puts me in a very reflective mood. I feel so connected to her through her words and experiences and the range of her emotions. When I read her posts, I often think back to a similar experience of my own and get all sentimental.

Hassan -- "Blogging While Black" always keeps me thinking about the social issues that affect minorities, primarily the African-American community. I enjoy his political commentary, sarcasm and humour. He is a wordsmith. A poet. A master of lyrical imagery.

Darius Williams -- "Welcome to Life Experiences 301" is entertaining. His posts, detailing events ocurring in his life are funny and quite the conversation piece. He also has a food blog that won a Blog Award.

Me, Myself and Eye -- I love this blog though I rarely ever comment on it. I enjoy reading her perspective on life and being a voyeur, reading about the single life. It makes me so nostalgic about my single days.

Martha Is My Homegirl -- This is a fun blog. I comment on her blog from time to time. I enjoy reading it. It stays quite nicely on the positive side of things. Hallelujah for optimism!