Tuesday, September 02, 2008

What I Had to Work With

So this is what I had to work with on Labor Day.... and I knew exactly what to do. LOL... Spend a wonderful day at the beach. It was sooooooo BEAUTIFUL. There's just something about the ocean that makes it so cleansing.

I hope you had an enjoyable day as well. We didn't cook out, although we should have. It would have been nice to just have spent the whole day at the beach... EATING and SWIMMING and CHATTING and BONDING. It was soooo nice!! We opted for lunch/dinner at this Chinese restaurant called Pah Ke's, after the beach. The food was yummy in my tummy! Serious! What's great is that the food is made-to-order. No big pot of chicken just simmering all day or whatever entrees are available. They DO NOT use any MSG in their cooking. That's good for my heart. The food is just bursting with flavor. Each entree has its own distinct taste.

Finished off the day watching Traitor, starring Don Cheadle. I'll save the commentary for a later blog.

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Darius T. Williams said...

You know - I haven't seen a really good movie in a long time. Maybe I'll rent one for this weekend.

Anyway - I mean, looking at what you had to work with - um, I'm jealous!