Thursday, July 17, 2008

Welcome, Welcome

Apparently my husband wants to start blogging and wants access to my favorite blogs. This would, in turn, direct him to my blog since I usually comment on all my favorite blogs.

I've never shared my blog with him because I just didn't think he was interested. At first, I was frightened at the idea that he would be reading my thoughts since a good portion of my posts are about him or about US.

I remember when he and I first started seeing each other, I wrote a "man-hating" post on my Black Planet page. He happened upon it and we got into one of the biggest altercations in the history of our relationship. Perhaps this is the reason I have probably NEVER shared my blog with him. If I'm being really honest with myself, I'm afraid of his reaction to some of my more racier commentary about past relationships. Is it appropriate for a married woman to "go on" in that manner?

At any rate, my husband knows me well enough to know that I would NEVER betray him for any reason. He should know that I'm his best friend and the woman that "got his back" through any storm and any trial that may come. He is an irreplaceable gift that the creator bestowed upon me. A gift that I will never misuse or disrespect.

So I welcome my baby to my blog world.


Darius T. Williams said...

Now outta all the time I've been blogging, this is truly a first for me! Welcome Nenna's Hubby!!!

Bananas said...

See now this is good. There's nothing like introducing someone to a new way to express them self. And of course him reading your blog will give him just a tad more insight to you.

Good for you Nenna and I hope your Husband enjoys the adventure.

Keo's said...

Welcome neeroc's EC!

Anonymous said...

oh yea...write something all sappy and tributurial (sp) to him now. :P

It is good medicine. Sometimes you can express your feelings moreso when writing to yourself versus speaking so I definitely welcome the gesture.

Luv ya.

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