Monday, March 19, 2007

Netflix: First Season of GREYS ANATOMY

I got Grey's Anatomy in the mail on Friday.... the first five episodes. I watched the entire disc on Saturday evening on my i.Mac while husband monopolized the TV in the living room.

Anyway, I probably couldn't give you a review like folks that get paid to do it so I'll spare you my take on it.... or maybe not. LOL.

So there's a hoe that parades around like Miss Innocent. She's "surgeon royalty"... her mother was a pioneer in surgery. There's a "super model" type girl that is trying to shatter the stereotype. She does a great job. I really like her character. There's an Asian doctor -- love her character to death. There's the "nazi", ironically, she's a Black woman -- and she's GREAT!!! i love her character as well.

In just five episodes, I already know the ENTIRE cast and love little things about each of them. I love George O'Malley. His character is such a cutie. In high school, he would have been the guy I was secretly chasing.

Anyway -- rent it sometime. I absolutely love it.

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