Friday, March 23, 2007

Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act of 2007

I said in a recent blog how I HATED the Akaka Bill. In the halls of the U.S. Government, the Akaka Bill in its current version is called The Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act of 2007. I say it again: I HATE THE AKAKA BILL. To give you a brief overview, Senator Akaka introduced the Bill to gain recognition from the United States corporation for Native Hawaiians. According to Senator Akaka and his supporters, the Bill would allow for a Native Hawaiian entity to operate and negotiate with the United States corporation OR Federal Government and also with the legally termed State of Hawaii. The Native Hawaiian entity would operate on behalf of the indigenous peoples of Hawai'i and mirror other indigenous tribes within the borders of the corporate United States. ie Eskimo's in Alaska and hundreds of Native American tribes.

There are several ideas in the Akaka Bill that proponents argue will be beneficial to Hawaiians. Here are a few of them:

  • The Bill will begin the reconciliation process of the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawai'i.

  • The Kingdom of Hawaii will gain federal recognition by the corporate United States.

  • The Bill will force the federal government to provide for Native Hawaiian's in the form of health care, education, employment training, economic development, childrens services, conservation programs.... etc.

  • If you read the actual bill (click HERE.), it gives a very brief history, in terms of U.S. treaties and Congressional Acts, of the relationship between Hawai'i and the corporate United States. For those not familiar with reading legal documents, pay close attention to the Definitions section of the document. Also, you should reference back to any act mentioned in the Bill. You MUST read the mentioned act in its ENTIRETY. In general, what you see emerging is a mess of legal prose purposely meant to discourage further research. I say, the choice is yours. For me, my mantra is KNOW THE LAW AND BE WELL DISPOSED TO USE IT.

    Proponents arguments as mentioned above seem like admirable and noble. On the surface, it would seem that way. Though I could place my own spin on the ENTIRE bill and its verbage, I present my "flip" on just those three items above.

    The overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy in 1893 was masterminded by a very small minority of white American male's. Most of them Protestant missionaries or descendants of the people that came to "save the heathen's". Surprised? Their greed and appetite for land and power and the subjugation of the Hawaiian race orchestrated the events that led to the overthrow of Queen Lili'uokalani (pictured above). It has been just over a hundred years since the OVERTHROW and today's politicians purport to be apologetic. They tout that this bill will RECONCILE and heal the indigenous people of Hawai'i. How? How does a legal document create this magnificent change? A legal document cannot change behavior nor erase the wrong-doings of the past.

    Why would federal recognition be good for kanaka maoli (Hawaiian people)? I assume that people look to the federal government for the "handouts" that come with federal recognition. As I mentioned above, the Bill wants to introduce federally sponsored health care, education, employment training, etc. You get the picture. I have several issues with this.
    1. It is reminiscent of the 10 Pillars or 10 Measures of Communism as outlined by Marx and Engels. Go google it folks! You'll be alarmed at how many current U.S. Laws are in harmony with Communist thought. All our freedoms will be wiped from our memory's if we continue to progress down this road. Anyway... free handouts is not my idea of a self-determined nation.

    2. The legal verbage in the actual Bill suggest that kanaka maoli (Hawaiian People) are native American's. NO!!!! Hawaiians are NOT native American. Hawai'i is NOT a part of the continental United States and federal recognition would put kanaka maoli in this category.

    3. Finally, what has federal recognition done for the Indian Nations that exist in the United states? Native Americans are the MOST regulated group of people. If that is the model for what this Bill sees for Hawaiians, I don't wany ANY parts of it! THE END.

    To tie this all back together, my final conclusion is that the AKAKA Bill smells like a pair of funky socks on a hot summer day after playing 3 hours worth of basketball. Nothing good can come of the funky, ole Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act of 2007. Get rid of it. Kick it out. Kick it WAYYYY out. Get in touch with your congressional representative and ASK them to REJECT this bill. VOTE NO!!! I don't want any parts of it.

    I'm out!

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