Monday, December 11, 2006

Let's Toast

I've been experiencing such WONDERFUL things in my life... since I learned The Secret. My enthusiasm for life is recovering from its dormancy. Strange... Husband and I just celebrated our third anniversary in November and I've only BEGUN to move from beneath the burden of anger, hurt and resentment from my first marriage.

I am moving beyond those negative vibrations and I feel so light. So empowered to create my existence. I feel so full of unconditional love and affection toward the people around me.

I am transforming, as a caterpillar into a BUTTERFLY, and am excited about the possibilities that are ahead of me. Attempting to become the woman I am born to be has proved to be an exhilirating ride of discovery. And as I move towards becoming HER, I naturally rid myself of things I no longer need. Kicked the cigarettes and alcohol 15 months ago. In exchange, I packed on excess pounds... and even that is melting away as I learn to visualize myself as the woman I TRULY am. Intelligent. Beautiful. Strong. Loving. Worthy of being loved. Compassionate!

So lets toast, "To becoming who we're DESTINED to be!"



The Brown Blogger said...

Holding up glass...

ShellyP said...

listen to you, making things happen! Can you visualize me in Hawaii with you?? lol