Tuesday, November 07, 2006


My temper is a strange thing.

I apologized to my husband today for how terrible I've been... for the negative thoughts I've had and for also how those thoughts have manifested. I have to thank Hassan for checkin' me and reminding me to be grateful for what I DO have.

I have a wonderful man that loves me and puts up with my strange moods. I am able to attain the highest of highs. With that, in contrast, I have also visited the lowest of lows.

I am a spoiled woman. I want what I want and am not the happiest camper if I don't get what I want. He and I have been in such a strange funk lately. Life is so mundane and not full of the energy that I usually enjoy.

I desire that "swept off my feet" vibe that I had when he and I first met. It was magical. When I met my husband, he represented EVERYTHING I had longed for. The funny thing is -- he is STILL that man... and then some. I am so blessed! So very blessed to have this strong man traveling this path with me.

I am grateful to the MOST HIGH for gracing my life with HIM.


The Brown Blogger said...

Aw shucks...

*circles toe in the sand*

azha said...

How is it that we all go through the same things!! lol I know what you mean girl! I am just as spoiled and sometimes dont realize how much!