Tuesday, February 14, 2006

In 300 Words or Less

Husband wrote a short, 300-word essay last night. He is not really a writer. Well, I wouldn’t say that because he can be eloquent when he wants to. However, he’s just NOT one of those overly verbose guys that run to their blog at every opportunity available.

The essay was supposed to be about a unique experience that sets him apart from other students. This is part of the application process for college. (College is his latest endeavor.) I didn’t help him brainstorm or even suggest any ideas on what he should write about. I knew that this essay had to be in his voice, from his angle. Sure, I helped with grammar and punctuation and critiqued him on how his essay reads but I didn’t give him any input on the actual content.

He chose to write about his five-month tour of duty in Iraq and how it made him different. I can’t describe what my reaction to the essay was because I’m not sure if I was happy or sad. However, it was clear that I was emotionally moved by what he wrote.

In less than 300 words, he was able to take me from rural Alabama, where he thought he grew up, to the deserts of Iraq, where he REALLY grew up. He spoke about when we were married and being shipped off a month later and how hard it was to leave. I admire the pride he has in having been able to bring all of the soldiers that served under him back to American soil and home to their families.

I look at him in such a different light. His essay has added more depth to his character and I pay tribute to the man he is becoming. For meeting every challenge and exceeding everyone’s expectation of him. Essentially, I used 320 words to say what could have been done in three: I Love Him!!!

In recent days, what has emotionally moved you?


ShellyP said...

My step-grandfather was the main man in my life seeing as I had no biological father present. A few years ago, not long after my grandmother passed, he went back to his homeland, Holland, to spend the rest of his years with his twin brother and his family. His dementia is getting increasingly worse. Of all the things, places, people he remembers, his nephew says I am always at the forefront. I know he can't choose his memories, so it must be a deep-seeded love. His love for me moves me.

Brotha Buck said...

I salute your husband for what he did for our country.

Anonymous said...

that i have a great family. that i might lose my dad sooner than expected and that i have to take advantage of the time i have NOW.

Ms. Write said...

The thing that moved me the most recently was reading you post. I love it when men and women, husbands and wives, lovers and friends, can tlel each other how they truly feel. Tell him you love him as often as possible!!

Peace & Blessings!

chase said...

true, your post moved me as well, nice to see lovers in love. I've been a crabby patty so basically everything else has just been pissing me off, lol.

The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

i think everyday i'm with my daughter, it moves me emotionally. the fact that i don't want to ever miss anything that she does...

K.O. Johnson said...

Last Friday night I spent the evening watching the DVD titled, "The Official Story of Earth, Wind & Fire." Maurice White so believed in the band that he risk his professional reputation as a jazz drummer to create an entity that hadn't been seen before. Listening to him acknowledge the greats upon whose work he was standing, that gospel and a love of africa was the foundation upon which the group builts it's platform and sound was soul-stirring. Best of all, interspersed between these wonderful insights were some of the most incredible songs the world has ever known.

I thank God for EW&F. And I'm extremely thankful and moved at the story behind my favorite band of all time!

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