Thursday, December 15, 2005

Seasons Greetings

It's a beautiful day in the islands......

But I miss the seasons sometimes. Here in Hawai'i you got the wet season and the dry season and that's about it. I should be more grateful for the good fortune of having moderate temperatures all the year round. And I am... just sometimes I wish I could dress up in a turtleneck, boots, a nice leather coat, etc etc... you know what I mean. I just love to dress up and actually watch the seasons change. **heavy sigh**

I took this picture with my sprint phone, on the way home from the mall. What a beautiful day!!!

Seasons Greetings EVERYONE!!


ShellyP said...

Girl, as soon as I get back on my feet I'm coming to visit you!

The Brown Blogger said...


I needed that. We got inches of snow and slush.

Trade ya?