Thursday, September 08, 2005

Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings

I feel impressed to share how I've been feeling lately. I hope this will be my last and final entry about Katrina.

Katrina and the devastation it left behind can be looked at from so many angles. I've watched some of what is on the television. I've read blogs. I've read news articles. What is most lacking, for me, is the absence of HOPE. Part of my cynical eyes refuse to see the HOPE in any of the literature or media available because I KNOW the media profits off the devastation. The longer they prolong it, the longer they can sell those advertisements. So if you follow the money trail, you know that the "absence of HOPE" is paramount.

Yet there is HOPE. There can be happiness if we allow ourselves to see it. Imagine the brand newness of starting all over again. The loss of property and "stuff" is the least to be worried about. I understand that many lives have been lost and that is tragic, above all else. Lives cannot be replaced, stuff CAN!

I refuse to get sucked into the media's portrayal of despair, gloom and desperation. I am hopeful that folks will be able to persevere and flourish.

BTW: I hear that truckers strike was a rumour.


Chele said...

Amen! That's the crux of it. There is ALWAYS hope and every new day is a new beginning.

Anonymous said...

You know what? I'm glad I've read this post cause I a little feel better now. I know you checked out my blog so you know I'm trying to "paint the world pink" lol, but I won't even lie, these days I've tried hard to be really positive but sometimes it's hard. Especially because I know people who are still looking for family members and gave me details about blacks mistreatment that the media are trying to hide.

But I see your point sista and I'm glad you're trying to be as positive as possible cause truth be told, we need this positivity and we need hope. That was a good post, and I'm adding you to my blogs list!

God Bless!!

Byebye said...

I couldn't agree more love. There are so many dynamics that folks are oblivious to. You are a transcending individual. Keep on staying positive.