Friday, August 19, 2005

Thoughts, Totally Random

My mind is soooo in the mindset of NEVER having to work for someone else... I don't necessarily have a brilliant service to offer the world... but I know that I never EVER want to have a boss again.

Government funded schools STIFLES our creative genius... it teaches US to work for someone else. Think if Bill Gates stayed at MIT... I wouldn't have any of these wonderful microsoft programs to play with.

Education is a wonderful thing... but we MUST balance it with alternative ways of thinking and alternative sources of information. Am I wrong?

Food and Drug administration.... there is nothing similar between food and drugs EXCEPT maybe that America has created an atmosphere where the way we eat will EVENTUALLY require drugs.

I kinda liked the movie Jeepers Creepers 2. Was I the only one?

Do we compromise our morals to have a nice cushie job? We ALL must earn a living, of course... but lets take a look at probably one of the bigger employers in our country --> the government. Do they stand for EVERYTHING we even want to work for? **sigh** COMPROMISE is a mutha.

Did any of you watch Supersize Me? I wish folks would watch it. The guy gained 24 and a half pounds in a month. Cholestorol shot up 65 points. Yuckkkkk. Now, if you go to McDonalds they have a disclaimer up. The crazy thing is... NO ONE reads it. NO ONE cares.

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Chele said...

LMBOOOOOO!!!!@ will eventually require drugs. ^5!!!

You touched on so much. That's why I love reading your blog. A formal education means practically nothing, especially when you consider it's little more than brainwashing once you get past the abc's and 123's. Let me quit before I blog in your blog again lol