Sunday, July 10, 2005

Who Said That?

Who was it that coined the term, "too good to be true..."? I'm mad at him... it had to be a HIM (**winks**). Why is anything too good to be true? Is there anything too bad to be true? Seriously! September 11th was a terrible thing, it was bad but it was true. "If it's too bad to be true then it must be a lie..." That's not the case, is it?

So who is this guy that said it? He must have seen a beautiful woman, walked up to her, spit lame "game" at her... that happened to work... only to get back to the hotel and find out it was a dude. You know he said to himself, "I knew it was too good to be true. My playa skillz have never worked that quickly."

Yep. That's him! That's the guy who coined the term, "too good to be...." you can finish the stupid phrase... just like you can finish this post.... cuz thinking of me EVEN trying to continue is just "too good..." well... you know the rest. LOL


WIP said...

We've all heard of "tongue twisters." Well this blog is an example of, "blog twister." I am all confroosed? But, I'm here. And I've commented. Now I want a cookie *smile*.

Tiff' said...

WOW! You made me THINK too hard this morning. and that is nothing but the truth!!!