Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Rabbit Hole

How deep does the rabbit hole go?

I've been tossing that question around a whole bunch lately. Maybe I've gone off the deep edge in my thought process. **shrugs** I really don't know. However, I know that I am a thinking person. Are you? Have we been hypnotized by the mind control machine called the media?

Interesting Flash Movie

A Blog about the powers that be...

Moon Landing stuff...

I feel like Mel Gibson's character on the movie Conspiracy Theory... like everyone is out to get me. Like the things we see on the surface are NOT really what's going on beneath. Sure... you can GOOGLE ANYTHING and find information on it... both pro's and con's. My point in putting all of these things in this post is that we RARELY think of the alternative. We take media news at face value and keep skipping to the same beat our parents did. Well... this post gives you some alternative view points. You consume them at your own rate... if you'd like to consume them at all. **giggles** Folks that create these websites can MAKE ALL KINDS of claims. I'm fully aware of that but if you let logic RULE your thinking... you'd find that much of these things are "logical".

Secret Weapons for a Quiet War... read that! Kinda interesting.

Mind Control using silent sounds...

NASA stuff... like I said -- alternative!

Fluoride good for you?

You think you're in debt?

This is the governments website (under the guise of a non-profit organization) and what they have to say about Joe Bannister. Then the alternative TRUTH is outlined here. Don't you think this would be BIG news? More important than seeing where Brad Pitt ran off to and who with!

Anyway... folks... I don't know how deep the rabbit hole goes. This is just a small sampling of what I've found out there. What I do know is that I refuse to rely on mainstream media all the time for current events. Because of that... I'm taking this exciting journey down the rabbit hole... where I'll land -- ONLY MY FATHER IN HEAVEN KNOWS.

**wink and a smile**

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Chele said...

What the media is reporting as a rabbit hole may actually be a black hole instead.

Very intriguing stuff!