Monday, May 02, 2005

He Cut The Cheese

I've been miserable these past couple of days. I have the most terrible ear infection goin' on. Inside my ear canal is so swollen that it's shut. I can't hear out of it. It's been like this for the past couple of days but the pain was really bad lastnight so husband took me to the emergency room. You know that mess costs more if you go to the ER but husband insisted on it because he hates to see me in pain. LOL... I thought it was cute that he was so concerned. But anyway, men just have low tolerance for pain. They're big babies. But that's a different issue.

So it's about midnight. All Sunday long I was just doubled over in pain. And the day before that was the same story so I find myself in the hospital. Husband is just worried to death about me being in such pain. I'm like, relax and let me get through it. It's gonna hurt either way so you're gonna see me in pain. **sigh**
I fill out the necessary paperwork and get seen immediately. I'm thrilled about that. But here's the funny part -- the doctor comes in and takes a look in my ear. So while I'm turning my head so he can put that scope in my ear, doc cuts the cheese! I'm like... "hell naw... the doc just farted and it's stanky... and he hasn't excused himself". Just sick! I couldn't get my mind off of that and I couldn't wait to leave. I mean, here I am in pain and just sick with pain then the doc comes and farts --> with me in "smelling distance".
Well... the docs only remedy for me is some numbing ear drops which didn't really numb anything, a round of antibiotics and some advice to take ibuprofen or tylenol.... oh and... probably a big fat ER bill.


Chele said...

No you didn't LOL!
No he didn't LOL!

I know he was embarrassed and all but still.....that was pretty rude not to apologize.

DaKelzz said...


That was too funny!!

Thanks for coming by my spot...I will be back too..*wink*