Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Mother Earth & Me

There is something in all of us that links us to the land. Much of American society today overlooks that connection. Our need to progress technologically and industrially tends to sever the ties that connected our ancestors to the land. Rather than work with Mother Earth, the love of money leads investors to develop a housing project in the middle of a swamp... Working AGAINST Mother Earth.... I mean, just cuz the developer filled in the swamp doesn't necessarily mean that it'll stay that way at the first sight of rain. Ya feel me?

Early MAN and WOMAN had to be wanderers. I haven't delved into the study of early man but my senses tell me that they didn't settle for long. Every season carried them to wherever was safest. Do you honestly believe that early Native Americans would settle in the plain lands of Kansas if it was tornado season? Or settle in Nebraska in the middle of winter? It's just not logical. They were wanderers. Plain and simple.

Think of this: my mothers house is built on a piece of land that used to be a river bed. Should she be surprised when water collects in her yard instead of draining? I say no because in its natural state... the land should be a river bed. **SMH**

So how can I work with MOTHER EARTH? How can I help replenish MOTHER EARTH?

1. I will take only what I need from the earth. With mass fishing and mass farming nowadays, this issue is a lil hard to enforce. (I sound like a tree-hugger, don't I?)
2. Reduce consumption.... this is directly related to numero uno. I will walk or ride a bike whenever possible instead of firing up my engine and consuming more gas AND polluting the air with the car exhaust.
3. Conserve energy... (see a trend beginning... they're all kinda related. LOL)... if I don't need the AC on... I'll turn it off. Lights... turn them off if not in use.
4. Conserve water... I will stop being wasteful with water -- a natural, necessary resource!
5. Plant a tree every month.
6. Recycle! Recycle! Recycle!

These are my 6 goals for the next 6 months. I will incorporate these values so that I can help REPLENISH Mother Earth instead of taking from her. We use up so much natural resources at a rate faster than Mother Earth can replenish them. **frowning**


Chele said...

Girl...yo plans betta be to find a way to make a quick escape when they blow this bad boy UP lollllll

There aren't enough tree huggers like us to keep the planet from pulling apart at the seams under the unrelenting enormous load of our SELFISHNESS

NeenaLove said...

@chele... **frowning** that's the sad part. i love MOTHER EARTH... and i love HER creator! may i ever be worthy of their affections.