Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Moon Was Out Lastnight

It was still light out when the moon began rising. It was a gorgeous ball of white glowing in a purplish-orange sky. As it grew darker, the moon moved higher into the sky and grew brighter. The connection I have with the earth drew me outdoors to enjoy the beauty around me. It was very peaceful outside.

I found myself thinking of the last occasion I had enough time to actually sit down and watch the moon rise. As we progress into adulthood, we really do lose the magic that made us children. We get so busy in the day to day routine that we don't stop, take a breath and let God's beauty enfold us. I promised myself to NEVER miss the opportunity again. When it presents itself again, I will embrace it.

I've always been an admirer of this beautiful earth. But lastnight was different. I sat on a bench in my folks backyard, beneath 8 foot tall red ginger plants and stared up at the sky. It was such a beautiful evening.

The light from the moon illuminated the clouds in the sky. The stars littered the sky. In my mind, I was led to ALL THE GOOD things that have happened to me.... and that led to all the hurtful things I've experienced. There is an intrinsic relationship between the good and the bad. You CANNOT have one without the other. I am convinced that all the trials I've endured ONLY prepared me for the wonderful blessings awaiting.

To tie it all together. It is fact that the moon affects the waters on the face of the planet. It affects the tides. It is also rumoured that THE MOON AFFECTS HUMAN BEHAVIOUR. The moon's appearance last evening was about manipulating my mind to accepting the good and the bad and the changes in my life as a cycle... just as the moon orbits the earth every 29 1/2 days... so does my life follow a series of cycles.

I believe that I am finally finding the balance in my world. I am finding the value in ending the battle in my life against the series of cycles that I must experience. I am grateful to lay and bask in the rays of the moonlight and contemplate lifes struggles and lifes rewards. In the peacefulness of its rays, I have found reflection. I can look at myself with complete honesty and embrace my strengths and resolve to overcome my weaknesses.

Lifes greatest lesson thus far is HUMILITY. I wish to surrender to it. I wish to continue on in life a servant to HUMILITY, a productive citizen of the world and a servant to MY CREATOR.

Is it odd to find serenity in such a chaotic world? **big ole grin** A resounding "NO!!" answers that. My tranquility was found on a bench, under some red ginger, staring up at the moonlight.


Chele said...

You know if noone else feels you on that, I do.


NeenaLove said...

@CMG... i know YOU'D understand me. **grinning** it really was sooooo beautiful on saturday evening. i couldn't help it.... had to do it.