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Back in 2018, I said I would revamp my blog. I put an "under construction" image up on the old website with every intention of making the changes. Immediately after that, I was thrust into a series of ventures that led to me establishing my own publishing company. While that was taking off, my blog was utterly neglected. But I'm back.

Entrepreneurship is a beautiful, ever-changing thing. Every day there's a new challenge to face. NEENALOVEdotCOM has been my diary on the world wide web since 2004 and it had turned into my "brand" and into my publishing company without a real plan in place. And now, it has become necessary for me to separate my personal social media from my business presence. In order to make a go at really making 2Feet Productions (shameless plug for my publishing company) a real business, I am forced to separate the two and give them their own distinct identities.

NEENALOVEdotCOM is still me. I have moved over some of the content from my old blog. I've freshened it up with new images and will continue to make the slow, pain-staking process of moving the content over to this new site. But! I am still me! Same emotional wreck. Highly intuitive. Ever introspective. Curious and inquisitive. Still believing in love. Triumphant over my broken hearts and STILL excited about life. 


Come sit down, kick up your feet, hit the MyBlog button and nestle in and have a read. 

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