Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 16: My First Kiss

I wish I could say it was a fantastic experience but it wasn't.

The movies I watched as a child had me thinking that my first kiss was going to be a fantastic coming-of-age experience. I wanted it to be like on the Goonies ...Brandon and Andi's KISSING SCENE in the cave... it was very teen-agery with just enough chemistry; and for sheltered children like me it was still on the edge of what my mother would deem appropriate.

I wanted my first kiss to be preceded by a dramatic and funny moment like on Pretty in Pink when Duckie arrives at the prom. All through Pretty In Pink, we know Duckie is hopelessly in love with Andie. (I've mentioned two girl Andies in this post. Of all the many names in the world, how is it that two 80's movies selected the same masculine girl name?) I swooned over Duckie's devotion to Andie and his quirkyness was endearing. I wanted the first guy I kissed to be head-over-heels for me and not think of me as just-a-girl-to-kiss. The way it all went down... I was just another girl to kiss.

The real romance I desired was going to be something like what happened between Baby and Johnny on Dirty Dancing. Young girl meets older, sophisticated man. Classic! It was short lived and packed full of exciting new experiences for Baby. It was magic and the on-screen chemistry was thick! I had to sneak to watch this movie because it was totally inappropriate for my pre-teen eyeballs according to my mother. I think my cousin Leone knew someone who had the VHS tape and we got our hands on it at camp when all the adults had drifted off to sleep. All of us girls sat around and watched it in the wee hours of the morning. With all the access children have nowadays to allllll the trash in the world, I can't imagine what kids are sneaking to look at nowadays. **shrugs**

**heavy sigh**

My first kiss happened at Hukilau Beach after a football game. I had just turned 17 that summer and was unkissed. Some friends were building a bonfire on the beach to roast marshmallows. Mostly I think we built the bonfire to be around the opposite sex and revel in the hormones that were EVERYWHERE! I remember that there was a full moon out that night. I had to leave the gathering early to keep my curfew. As I was walking to my car, trying to catch up to my friends, HE pulled me on the side.

He said, "I have to show you something."

"What is it?" I replied.

He nudged me around to face him and proceeded to slobber all over my mouth. I had thought he was a good-looking guy but was totally unprepared for the kiss especially since we had very limited interactions. It's not like we had known each other all our lives which was the case with all the other guys I knew in school. It was totally awkward. On top of that, I had never kissed before and I didn't know how to reciprocate even if I wanted to. **sigh** I pulled away, pushed him back, and told him to stop. I remember him looking at me with puppy dog eyes but it didn't work on me. I walked toward my friends realizing that they had seen the entire incident. Needless to say, as teenagers usually do, we rehashed the events of the evening over and over while eating a chicken sandwich from 7-11 and a bag of Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream.

* * * * * * * * * *

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IWA (e - va) said...

Does it ever happen like we want it to?...

I love the heavy sigh and all ! LOL!

You picked the best movies to build it up it too!