Monday, December 14, 2009

Cookie Corner Question

I am an internet-head. I like surfing the net. I like hangin' on FaceBook and perusing all my friends pictures. I like keeping up with everyone's Status Updates and making comments here and there. I even enjoy the different groups and discussion boards on FaceBook. Yes, that's where I waste a lot of time. I find it amazing that if I'm not logged on at home on my laptop, I'm automatically logged in on my mobile. I can update my Twitter and FaceBook at the same time by sending a text message from my mobile. It is virtually impossible to not be able to get a hold of someone when you really need to.

The other night, I was trying to get in touch with my husband. He wasn't answering his cell phone so I figured it was on silent. So I updated my FB status telling him to check his text messages. He got the message and instantly texted me back. Isn't that funny?!

But the whole premise for me coming on to blog this evening is to pose a question and illustrate a scenario.

In addition to all the information I just provided, let me explain a situation. Say for instance you meet friends online, either from a blogger group or a discussion board or even facebook. One day, you put a profound statement as your status update. Even your spouse admits the poetry in it. Then along comes someone of the opposite sex saying how beautiful you are. Whether he/she means physically or mentally is up for debate. Your spouse flips out.

What, exactly, is appropriate behavior on the internet? How should my spouse treat the "beautiful" comment? Should my spouse confront the other about the types of friends he/she keeps on the internet? What should I say to the person who called me beautiful? Does this mean automatic deletion?

The internet can be so personal. A woman hitting on my man via email or FaceBook inbox could never be detected by me.

What are your thoughts?


IWA (e - va) said...
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IWA (e - va) said...

First off.. Recently My husband and I have been having issues about me adding a ex to my FB friends and this totally reminds me of the situation!

Also... If I ever get hit on... no matter how weird it feels at first, I secretly enjoy it! and even though at times our relationship gets tested, I enjoy seeing that my husband is jealous and that he has concern!

So, Personally I would say, "yes, appropriate!" and bask in the glory of the compliment, because really it probably gave "this friend" a light bulb moment and the only way he could explain it was with "Beautiful"! (unless you know some hidden agenda)

I think we can all learn things from others!

but truthfully, there has been the occasional weirdo that deserves to be deleted!

FOCUSEDenergy said...

Very touchy subject in my house hold, too. My wife has gone as far as request some of my female friends on Face Book. I didn't turn around and do the same on her page. I think there can be insecurites in relationships that can cause problems in marriage.

I think if you know your spouse REALLY honors their vow to you than there shouldn't be any problems. If your spouse is known to take it too far than asking the other spouse to delete the person may be needed.

Besides, women can take compliments much better than men for some reason.

ME said...

my husband does NOT frequent the web or police my FB activities, and sometimes i take advantage of that. he thinks it's cool that i talk to everybody - even his friends- online, but i can see how things can get tricky when you are speaking of the opposite sex. personally, if someone complimented you, it should only make your husband more grateful to have you...just the other day i asked my childhood male friend (kolo) for his number on FB. i don't see anything wrong with that, but would totally believe it if an outsider blew that out of proportion. hmmm, that is something to think about...