Saturday, July 05, 2008

Tempurpedic, Religion & Infertility

I spent most of the 4th of July in deep slumber, atop my fabulous Tempurpedic that is well worth all $2,000 dollars (it was on clearance, discontinued).

I had every intention of doing something meaningful with the day off. Sleep is meaningful, right? LOL... In the morning I hung out at my parents house for a couple hours. Came back to my house and slept.

I woke in time to catch Oprah. It was an episode I didn't mind watching. The topic: 30-something women in America. There were a few stories that resonated with me. The religious Sunni Muslim woman from Connecticut spoke volumes about being a devout religious person in America. That rings true with me as I have placed myself on a spiritual path through the tenets of a specific religion. I love every minute of it and believe it will best help me raise my own family in a world with decaying moral values. People who follow religious tenets get a bad rap; as though our faith is baseless and ridiculous. I have found it to be fulfilling and has increased the capacity of my spirituality a hundred fold. Try it! You have no idea where the journey may take you.

I was also connected to the story of the woman suffering with infertility. I will be 33 in a month. I have not successfully conceived yet, however, I am not discouraged. In contrast to the woman on Oprah's couch, I am not saddened by the possibility that I may never conceive my own biological children. There are several other avenues of becoming a mother and I'm open to all.

I have already consulted with my regular OBGYN to see what's going on with my body. We've gone through the preliminary stages. Normal PAP. Drew blood on the first and 21st day of my cycle. The chemical progesterone is absent. As the doctor stated to me, absence of progesterone is likely due to my body not ovulating. My body doesn't create eggs. Every other function seems like it's working right. The lining builds up to accept the egg. My fallopian tubes are free and clear. My body is ready and willing. So clomid is the drug I will start in a couple months. Ironically, on my road to conception, I have to be on birth control for 3-months to clear out the lining that has built up in my womb. We start clomid immediately after.

I'm very hopeful that this will be the solution for me. God-willing, I will have several children at once, multiple births. Triplets would be just lovely.

Now that I've entirely put my business out there, I'm ending this entry. Send me good vibes as I make my way to motherhood, atop my $2000 dollar tempurpedic.

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B Bart said...

Just so your aware, I hate to break it to you temperpedic mattresses cause infertility. I found this out the hard way. Best of luck to you! I hope to eventually conceive again.