Thursday, March 24, 2005

Three Things

lifted from someone else's blog... LOL... yall understand how it goes...

Three Names I Go By:
1. Neena
2. Babe
3. Reen

Three Screen Names I Have:
1. neenalove
2. choosy_lover2004
3. hula_heffa

Three Things I Like About Myself:
1. my brains
2. my heart -- the one that beats in my chest... and the one that gives love wherever i go
3. my creativity

Three Things I DisLike About Myself:
1. my temper
2. my loudness
3. my laugh -- it annoys even me...LOL

Three Parts Of My Heritage:
1. polynesian
2. love... my people, my ancestry SCREAM love!
3. God... i am a child of God

Three Things That Scare Me:
1. betrayal
2. betrayal
3. betrayal

Three Everyday Essentials:
1. my 8 glasses of water
2. a shower in the morning and in the evening
3. BLOGGER... sad but true

Three Things I'm Wearing Right Now:
1. black camisole/ tank
2. black nautica yoga pants
3. my red rimmed glasses so i can read this monitor

Three Of My Favorite Artists at the Moment:
1. Jill Scott
2. John Legend
3. Erykah Badu

Three of my Favorite Songs at the Moment:
1. My Petition : Jill Scott
2. So High : John Legend
3. I Want You : Erykah Badu

Three New Things I Want to do in the Next Year:
1. quit smoking
2. have a child
3. buy my first piece of property

Three Things I Want in a Relationship:
1. more sex... i'm married and i want it more often than he does
2. date my husband more often... we rarely take each other out
3. get spiritual TOGETHER...

Two Truths and a Lie:
1. I don't smoke in front of my family
2. I am a rape survivor
3. I quit drinking

Three Things I Can't Do:
1. make a really good pie crust
2. whisper
3. sleep when it's hot

Three Hobbies:
1. playing the piano... i don't do it so often anymore. it has become a hobby
2. writing stories... it used to be a habit... now i only do it on occasion
3. surfing the net

Three Things I Wanna Do Really Badly Right Now:
1. smoke a cigarette
2. drink water
3. floss my teeth

Three Places I've Never Been to that I'd Like to Visit:
1. Thailand
2. Fiji
3. Australia

Three Kids Names:
1. Ranada
2. Justice
3. Tavius

Three Things I Want to do Before I Die:
1. skydive
2. earn a million dollars
3. have children

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